The Worm is Back

Sandbags have long been an important part of both strength and conditioning training for athletes, servicemembers, and those just trying to stay healthy. Whether you're working out at home, the gym, or in the field, sandbags offer a range of benefits. Improved stability, job-specific strength, mental toughness, etc. But most sandbags out there are incapable of supporting team-based training and competition. That one exception is the Worm, first used a little less than a decade ago. And it's finally coming back.

What is a Worm Sandbag? 

The Worm Sandbag is a multi-person sandbag, able to be used by 2-6 people. They have the general diameter of a typical training sandbag, but can be much longer, up to 11ft! Typically made from high-quality nylon, each Worm Sandbag has straps for each person using it and can hold from 100 to well over 400 lb (the Talon 6-Person Worm can hold up to 440lb).

Why should I be using a Worm Sandbag?

Team-based strength and conditioning training has its roots in the military. For those who have served, some of the most brutal training involves weighted carries, pushes, and presses with one or more buddy. Think vehicle pushing, buddy carries, or log PT. Now gyms and teams across the world have taken elements of that training and applied it to their programs. It's fair to say that if you only did exercises like these, though, you probably wouldn't hit your strength and conditioning goals (or stay super healthy), but that's not the core objective with group training like this. Exercises and training regimens like these not only push the physical limits of the athletes, they also strengthen mental fortitude, build teamwork, and test the athletes' performance in a more job (or life) relevant way. 

Drawing the line between elite military units and your training

For athletes, teams, and gyms who want to replicate the gains and value of this team-based strength training, enter the Worm Sandbag. These sandbags allow you to recognize the same benefits of other team-based training while taking into consideration space constraints, cost, and flexibility to accommodate a range of fitness goals. Athletes can perform weighted carries, lifts, and presses. They can compete as teams, build comradery, and build mental endurance. All with one product. 

Want to give it a shot?

Talon Athletic now offers 2-6 person Worm Sandbags, perfect for everyday training and competition alike. If you own a gym or have a large team or military unit and are interested in ordering multiple Worms, Talon Athletic also provides free customization. Take your training to the next level today!