How Dawson CrossFit Incorporated Strongman Sandbags in their Competition

This spring, Dawson CrossFit hosted their 8th annual Battle for the Mountain, a CrossFit competition with same sex teams of 2 competing across four divisions. Like many functional fitness competitions, Luke Syfert and the team at Dawson CrossFit wanted to mix things up for their competitors. For Battle for the Mountain, the team decided to partner with Talon Athletic to incorporate Strongman Sandbags into their WODs. "All of the athletes were excited about seeing a new tool in a competition setting, to test their fitness," said Luke. "Odd object carries are functional and fun." 

With Talon sandbags coming in a variety of weights, Dawson Crossfit was able to scale their WODs for each division (RX, Intermediate, Beginner). And the durable construction held up to the rigors of the day. Battle for the Mountain's WOD 3 utilized Strongman Sandbags in a few ways, both with carries and cleans:

  • 20 Shuttle runs (20 Feet in distance: down and back is a rep)
  • 20 Chest-to-bar (CTB) pull-ups (Int: Pull ups / Beg: Jumping Pull ups)
  • 10 Alternating sandbag cleans
  • 40' Sandbag carry (Partner A or B) and 40 ' Handstand walk (Partner A or B)
    • The partner attempting the HSW must complete 20 feet unbroken while the other partner continues to hold the sand bag in a bearhug position. (Int: Overhead single dumbbell Walking Lunges 50/35 Beg: Bear crawl)
    • Once 40' is complete:
  • 10 more alternating sandbag cleans
  • 200 Double-under (DU) (Int 200 single-under (SU) / Beg 200 SU)
  • 10 Alternating sandbag cleans
  • 40' Sandbag carry and Handstand walk
  • 10 Alternating sandbag cleans
  • 20 C2B pull-ups

Male Sandbags: Rx100, Int 70, Beg 50. Female Sandbags: Rx 70, Int 50, Beg 30

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