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The Strongman Sandbag delivers a go-anywhere alternative to traditional weights and heavy balls. Incorporate the Strongman Sandbag into your strength training or CrossFit programming to take you past a plateau, strengthen your core, or to improve true "functional" fitness. With 1000D MIL Spec Cordura construction and funnel-filler technology these sandbags are heavy duty and able to withstand drops (though they are not designed to be slammed), perfect for any garage or commercial gym.

The Gym Set of Strongman Sandbags is based on our most popular combinations for gyms looking for a variety of sandbag weights. Want to buy sandbags individually? Check out our full selection here. Each Sandbag has a built-in filler bag with an additional zipper and hook-and-loop closure—ensuring filler material stays fully contained as you work through your regimen.

Loadable weight of the Strongman Sandbag depends on the density and size of the material being used. Certain material may cause the overall weight of the bag to be greater than or less than projected weight capacity. Due to the nature of the fabric and the directed use, the bags may expand over time with use. Additionally, these bags are not prefilled.


  • 1000D MIL Spec Cordura construction
  • Built-In Filler Bag
  • Zipper and Hook-and-Loop Closure
  • (Filler Material Not Included)
  • Colors: Black, Camo, Blue, Green, Red
  • Recommended use on rubber or nonabrasive surface

Set Options 

A: 3x 50lb Black, 3x 75lb Red, 3x 100lb Blue, 2x 125lb Green, 2x 150lb Camo

B: 2x 50lb Black, 2x 75lb Red, 3x 100lb Blue, 3x 150lb Green, 2x 200lb Camo

C: 3x 50lb Black, 3x 75lb Red, 2x 100lb Blue, 2x 125lb Green, 2x 150lb Camo, 2x 200lb Black, 2x 250lb Red

D: 2x 50lb Black, 2x 75lb Red, 2x 100lb Blue, 2x 125lb Green, 2x 150lb Camo

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Diameter x height:

50lbs: 12.5"X7.87"(Approx)
70lbs: 12.5"X11"(Approx)
100lbs: 15.7"X10.2"(Approx)
130lbs: 15.7"X12.99"(Approx)
150lbs: 15.7"X14.96"(Approx)
200lbs: 15.7"X19.5"(Approx)
220lbs: 15.7"X21.65"(Approx)
250lbs: 15.7"X24.5"(Approx)
300lbs: 15.7"X28"(Approx)

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