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The Slam Ball is designed for the highest level of strength training, helping you get a full-body workout and built to withstand multiple reps throwing, slamming, or catching the ball. This non-bouncy durable ball is filled with sand to ensure no bounce and absorb impact. The shell is made with a high-quality non-slip PVC material that is easy to grip and will prevent blowouts when slammed to the ground. Slam balls are designed to increase muscle mass, enhance cardiovascular endurance, and improve hand-eye coordination while working with a partner. Utilize this ball for overhead lunges, ball slams, Russian twists, squat throws, or squats to take your training to the next level.

Weights: 10-100 lbs

  • 10-25lb: 9”
  • 30-45lb: 10”
  • 50-70lb: 11”
  • 80-100lb: 12”

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