Carbon Gymnastics Hand Grips

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Custom Logo: 25 item minimum, inquire for additional color choices. 

The Talon Athletic Carbon Gymnastics grips design offers athletes a 3-Hole Hand Grip made for slick and powder-coated bars/handles. Even without chalk, these triple-stitched carbon fiber grips prevent slipping while protecting your hands/palms during pull-ups, muscle-ups, kettlebell swings, deadlifts, snatches, and just about any other movement.

The Carbon design also includes a custom wrist strap, positioned beneath the buckle, that provides ample support without digging uncomfortably into your wrist.

Custom Logo: Add your logo for resale in your gym! Minimum order 25 pair. Get over 10% off bulk orders, plus additional discounts (inquire for details). 


  • Sold in Pairs
  • Patented Carbon Fiber Design
  • Finger Holes: 3
  • Custom hook-and-loop wrist strap
  • Colors: Black, Gray, Blue, Red, Pink, Purple

Important: DO NOT use or chalk these grips until you ensure the grips are the correct size. Sizing is approximate and often times a personal preference, so please keep in mind that you cannot return the grips once they have been used. 



Find your hand/wrist connection. This is where your hand and wrist meet (you should see a creased line there). This is the point to start measuring from.

Be sure your hand and fingers are totally straight and flat. DO NOT cup your hand or stretch your fingers backward.

Measure from the wrist/hand connection (where you see the crease) to the base of your middle finger. Be precise and don't round up or down.

*** The leather grips will stretch slightly***

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