Talon Worm Sandbag 2-6 Person

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Coming in multiple different sizes, the Talon Worm Sandbag is the perfect multi-person training tool, great for competitions and daily training alike. Take your team fitness to the next level, or challenge and compete beside your fellow athletes. With an uneven weight distribution, the Worm will challenge athletes both physically and mentally. Coming in 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 person variants.

Listed weight based on filling with play sand. If you want to fill with rubber crumb and/or get a larger diameter, check out our Rubber Fill options.

Check out our blog post on the value of using Worms!

Interested in renting some Worm Sandbags? Check it out here.

For information on free customization (logos, colors, etc.), email info@talonathletic.com

Colors: Red, Black, Tan, Olive Green, Camo, Grey

Please allow ~30 days for delivery at this time. 

Constructed with 1050D Cordura nylon, high quality zippers, and come with several filler bags. Each filler bag has double-lock system with both zipper and hook-and-loop flap, along with double lined fabric to prevent leakage.

2 Person Worm Sandbag:
- 141.1 (64kg) 4.3ft x 8.3in; 3 filler bags
- 147.7 (68kg) 4.4ft x 8.3in; 3 filler bags
- 205.0 (93kg) 4.3ft x 9.8in; 3 filler bags

3 Person Worm Sandbag:
- 213.8 (97kg) 6.6ft x 8.3in; 5 filler bags
- 240.3 (109kg) 7.2ft x 8.3in; 5 filler bags
- 183.0 (83kg) 5.7ft x 8.3in; 5 filler bags

4 Person Worm Sandbag:
- 286.6 (130kg) 8.9ft x 8.3in; 7 filler bags
- 370.4 (168kg) 9.5ft x 9.1in; 7 filler bags

5 Person Worm Sandbag:
- 370.4 (168kg) 11.2ft x 8.3in; 7 filler bags

6 Person Worm Sandbag:
- 440.9 (200kg) 13.8ft x 8.3in; 7 filler bags

Worms are typically delivered in 25 days. Larger or custom orders may take a little longer.

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