Lifting Straps with Padding

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Tired of having your grip give out during your heavy lifts? Talon Athletic Lifting Straps will take your training to the next level. Talon Athletic Lifting Straps are the best lifting straps out there, padded with Neoprene to prevent discomfort and digging. Using lifting straps lets you grip  more weight without discomfort, pain, slipping, or tugging. Great for deadlifts, rows, pull-ups, or any other pulling movement.

Colors: Blue, Red, Black

Dimensions: 24in long, 1.6in width, 5.7in padding length

Material: Our weight lifting straps feature Neoprene padding to support your wrists against digging as you shrug, deadlift, or complete a heavy back day. These highly durable, long “no-slip” lifting straps enhance any workout no matter the lift or routine.


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